About us

Put together three women keen of music, fine arts, writing and with networking skills, driven by the idea of “operare” (from the latin doing) as well as by OPERA, MUSic, and much more linked to European cultural heritage… and you will have OPERAMUS.

Nunzia, based in Rome, manager and founder of artistic projects linked to the Opera, founder of  Scuola InCanto which reached more than 100.000 children so far, and book writer, Lucia opera singer and vocal coach, with a solid background in European affairs, based in Brussels as well as Antonella expert in communication and external relations, fan of cultural diplomacy and easy network skills.

“We met by coincidence in 2019 at the occasion of a conference organized by the European Parliament in the hemicycle, on the subject <<European cultural heritage>>. We started working with Europa InCanto in fostering their project, bringing Opera at school in a ludic way, at a European level. Highly motivated by this challenge and building on a partnership with several schools¹ and the municipalities of Woluwe Saint-Pierre, in February 2020 we brought more than 1.000 children (from 6 to 11 years) of all nationalities and languages² performing Turandot on stage at the W:HALLL and in a flashmob on the esplanade of the European Parliament.

[1] European schools of Ixelles, Woluwe, Uccle; Ecoles communales de Woluwe Saint Pierre: École du Centre, École primaire de Joli-Bois, École primaire de Joli-Bois individualisé, École du Chant d’Oiseau.

[2] Italian, Finnish, French, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Swedish


During Covid time, Operamus suffered the limitations imposed to the external activities at school. Nevertheless, thanks to the support of the Italian Embassy in Brussels and the participation of the  school of Chant d’Oiseau in WSP, we have taught the Opera Elisir d’amore to 100 children who performed at school and were filmed for their parents. We hope to go back to a real theatre during next school year!”

For info on upcoming activities: info@operamus.eu